Unlocking the Different Jasper AI Pricing Models: The 5 Amazing Benefits and Features You Need to Know

Are you looking for a pricing model that fits your business’s needs and budget?

Jasper AI gives you a platform that is flexible and full of features to help you write in-depth articles quickly and easily. With Jasper AI, businesses and blog owners alike can unlock the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to write articles for their blog in a fraction of the time it would take to manually craft them—all at an affordable price point!

I have been using Jasper ai for my blog for some time now, and it has enabled me to create content for my website. In the time since I began using Jasper AI, I’ve seen a significant increase in the production of quality content on my blog.

Jasper ai has also allowed me to write articles faster than ever before—up to 10x what it would take me to write them myself—freeing up more of my own time and allowing me to focus on other avenues to rank even higher on Google’s search engine results page.

Let’s explore what Jasper ai has to offer in this Jasper AI review, how much does Jasper AI cost, and the different Jasper AI pricing 2023 plans to see what works for you so you can make an informed decision about whether or not it is right for your business’s content needs.

Jasper AI and the different Jasper AI pricing plans

Jasper AI old pricing plans

Jasper AI is an AI-powered content generation platform designed to help businesses and blog owners to streamline SEO content quickly and efficiently to rank higher on Google. Jasper AI leverages the power of artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) to create high-quality SEO content in a fraction of the time it takes for manual content creation.

By using Jasper AI, businesses can generate accurate, non-plagiarized, and comprehensive SEO articles in a fraction of the time it takes to manually produce them. Enabling you to rank higher on Google, and generating a stable form of income.

On top of this revolutionary platform comes the amazing Jasper AI pricing model which offers an affordable way to scale up long form content production without breaking the bank, allowing you to maximize your ROI for the time and money you invested in your website.

With that said, here are the different Jasper AI pricing plans, discussing each Jasper AI cost, and the different Jasper AI subscription features.

Jasper AI starter plan

Best Beginner’s Pick

Jasper AI Starter Plan

Looking to utilize AI to streamline long form content production? The Jasper AI Starter Plan is the perfect option for you! You get access to 50+ templates, write in up to 25 languages, and have great chat support – all for a very affordable price. This plan allows you to add Jasper as a chrome extension and is perfect for freelancers, website owners, small businesses and influencers who are looking to output engaging and convincing social media posts.

The first Jasper AI pricing plan is the Starter, and it is the cheapest option in Jasper ai’s pricing model and is a great option for a starting writer or blog owner that are looking to start writing long form content for blogs as this model provides users with up to 20,000 words of content each month at only $29 per month.

With the Jasper Starter Plan, Jasper AI allows users to purchase a bonus pack worth $10 that grants them up to 5,000 additional words once they exceed their monthly word limit. However, please note that while this plan was available in the past, it is no longer accessible as of January 24th, 2023, and prospective customers can now only access Jasper’s freemium plan as well as its Boss mode with a 5-day free trial period and business plans instead.

You also get access to 50+ Jasper AI templates like blog posts, email newsletters, social media posts, website copy, and more—all in 25+ languages! Plus, Jasper AI’s Starter Plan also includes unlimited project folders so you can organize your projects however works best for you. And if that wasn’t already enough to get excited about, Jasper.ai even has an easy-to-use Google extension and great chat support so you can get help whenever you need it – plus be added to the Jasper community!

So, if you’re looking for an affordable long form content writing solution that provides great features and support, Jasper AI’s Starter Plan is the perfect fit for you! Try it now to experience all of Jasper AI’s amazing features!

Who is the Starter Plan for?

The Starter Plan is intended for small businesses and individuals looking to dip their toes in AI writing tools. The Starter Plan is an amazing option for:

  1. Small businesses looking to start producing articles.
  2. Freelance writers looking for assistance using AI to output content daily.
  3. Website owners looking to start outputting content using the power of AI.
  4. Writers who want to write eye-catching product descriptions, headlines, and copy.
  5. Influencers looking to produce engaging social media posts, and Tweets.
  6. Writers looking to produce short-form AI generated content consistently.

The Pros and Cons of Starter Plan


  1. The cheapest option, and is an affordable option for most users as it costs only $29 a month, and up to 20,000 words.
  2. Is the best option if you are looking to produce short-form content such as product descriptions, short blog posts, and social media posts.
  3. Access to 50+ templates and 25+ languages.
  4. Good chat support and a privilege to be added to the Jasper.ai community and Facebook group access.


  1. You are stuck with writing short-form content because of the low 20,000-word count limit each month.
  2. No access to SurferSEO integration to create search-engine-optimized articles to rank on Google.
  3. No access to Grammarly to check articles for grammar and spelling mistakes.
  4. No documents and recipes are available.
  5. The long-form assistant tool is unavailable for the Starter Plan which is an integral tool for writing long-form informative articles easily.
  6. You can’t write books with the Starter Plan.
  7. No document sharing means that you can’t work with other people to write your articles.
  8. No commands level access for easier writing.

Boss Mode Plan

best overall jasper plan

Jasper AI Boss Mode Plan

If you’re looking for an upgrade from the starter plan that has tons of added features, Jasper AI’s Boss Mode Plan is the best overall option. You can write both short form and long-form content with ease, thanks to SurferSEO, Grammarly, and Copyscape integrations. The plan also starts at $59/month for up to 50k words per month and goes up to $600/month for 700k words per month. Plus, you’ll have unlimited project folders, revision history search capabilities, and collaboration features at your disposal. So if you’re looking to take your writing to the next level, Jasper AI’s Boss Mode Plan is the perfect solution.

The second Jasper ai pricing model is the Boss Mode Plan, and it is an indispensable tool for small businesses and teams looking to optimize their long form content creation process.

Jasper’s Boss Mode allows businesses to have access to 50+ templates such as product descriptions, blog posts, and many more. With 30+ languages, SEO mode to rank higher on Google using SurferSEO integration, plagiarism checker access via Copyscape, and Grammarly integration to quickly fix grammar and spelling mistakes within Jasper docs-this platform has all the features you need to make writing easier than ever before.

Plus, the Boss mode comes with a range of pricing options that start at $59/month for up to 50k words per month and goes up to $600/month for 700k words per month, and even an option to choose a custom pricing plan that will allow you to write up to 700k plus words a month – making it affordable even on a tight budget!

But that’s not all: Jasper AI’s Boss Mode also offers auto-save functions, an unlimited number of project folders, revision history search capabilities, as well as other nifty features such as allowing up to 5 different user logins that will enable you to collaborate with your team and help you create high-quality AI generated content in no time.

With the Boss mode, you can also add Jasper as a browser extension for Google Chrome, which provides an easy-to-use interface that allows users to quickly and efficiently write engaging AI generatedcontent with ease. To make the learning curve easier, Jasper.ai has a 5-day free trial with 10k credits so you can get a feel of the Jasper interface and how it works.

Not only that, but Jasper also offers access to its community of writers when you purchase the Boss Mode Plan where you can learn from each other’s successes and failures to become a better writer yourself. Plus, Jasper has weekly live webinars where experts give tips on how best to use the platform and maximize your writing potential—all at an affordable price point! So if you’re ready for Boss Mode when it comes to creating content, Jasper is here for you!

Who is Boss Mode for?

Boss Mode by Jasper AI is ideal for small businesses and teams that are looking to optimize their content creation process without breaking the bank. The Boss mode is a great option for:

  • Bloggers and website owners looking to output detailed articles
  • A professional writer looking to streamline content
  • Companies looking to focus on content marketing
  • Affiliate marketers wanting to create informative articles to maximize earnings
  • Book writers, e-book writers
  • Freelance writers looking to increase their word output
  • Creative writers
  • Copywriters, and product description writers to make eye-catching descriptions

The Pros and Cons of Boss Mode


  1. The Boss Mode is a cheap option of just $59 to generate up to 50,000 words a month.
  2. Boss Mode allows you to write long-form content with its higher monthly word limit
  3. Access to easy-to-use Jasper AI commands, and access to Jasper Chat.
  4. The Boss Mode Plan has a great free trial plan with 10k credits.
  5. Boss Mode allows access to 50+ templates and 30+ languages.
  6. You can integrate writing tools such as Grammarly, SurferSEO, and Copyscape to produce high-quality, plagiarism-free, SEO optimized blog posts.
  7. Unlimited revision history.
  8. You can add Jasper as a browser extension that will allow Jasper to write on any platform.
  9. Access to the Jasper community and Facebook group access.
  10. Boss Mode allows you to access weekly live videos and informative videos.


  1. Boss Mode has no unlimited word option for even longer contents
  2. Boss Mode has no document-sharing option for easier collaboration with other teammates.
  3. The Boss Mode Plan does not allow Jasper to tailor his writing style to your brand.

Jasper AI Business Plan

Our Blog Pick

Jasper AI Business Plan

Looking to take your business to the next level? Then you need Jasper AI’s premium plan, which has all the features of Boss Mode and is tailored specifically for bigger businesses that need more than 700,000 words produced in a month. This plan starts at $499 a month and provides users with access to custom words/user packages and billing options, and you can even tailor Jasper’s voice to copy your personal writing style. Additionally, document sharing capabilities make collaboration between members easier and faster, while a feature to assign different members usage is also enabled to keep track of your team’s daily and monthly word usage.

Are 50,000-700,000 words a month not nearly enough for your business? The Jasper.ai Business Plan is the perfect solution! With a plethora of features designed to help teams and large businesses grow, Jasper.ai’s Business plan has all the features included in the Boss Mode plan but also has a ton of added features. The business plan is at the top of the Jasper AI price ladder and has tons of amazing features.

This Jasper AI subscription starts at $499 a month, and provides users with access to custom words/user packages and billing options, making it a great plan for growing teams and large-scale businesses. It has an unlimited word credit option, Surfer SEO integration, it also allows for more than 5 user logins for companies with more than 5 team members, and custom AI writing templates.

The Business Plan also allows users the tailored brand voice feature that will allow you to personalize Jasper to write nearly the same as your writing style. Document sharing capabilities for easier and faster collaboration between members, and a feature to assign different members usage limits to keep track of their daily and monthly word usage.

Plus it also comes with personalized onboarding & training programs as well as a dedicated account manager for customer support. And lastly, it also has an upcoming advanced feature of API access that will allow businesses to integrate Jasper’s AI into custom workflows, allowing you to power your platform with Jasper’s powerful AI- all at an affordable starting price of $499!

Who is the Business Plan for?

Jasper.ai’s Business Plan is aimed at growing teams and large-scale businesses looking to streamline long-form informative articles or e-books. The Business Plan is already a great option for:

  1. Teams looking to collaborate to produce content more efficiently
  2. SEO agencies who work by producing content for multiple websites in hopes of ranking higher on Google.
  3. Large-scale businesses that want to produce consistent content.
  4. People who want to produce long-form articles for multiple blogs or websites.
  5. Affiliate marketers looking to increase their output and sales.
  6. Book and e-book writers who want to output multiple products a month.

The Pros and Cons of the Business Plan


  1. You can write as many words as you want per month.
  2. Great for more efficient collaboration with more than 5 team members.
  3. Enable you to use Custom AI templates and workflows.
  4. You can manage maximum word limits per team member.
  5. A dedicated account manager and access to premium technical support in the Jasper AI team to quickly resolve any issues within Jasper AI
  6. Access to workspace admin features.
  7. Tailored AI brand voice to allow Jasper to learn and copy your writing style.
  8. Document-sharing capabilities easier collaboration.
  9. Personalized onboarding & training programs 


  1. The Business Plan can be quite expensive to some, but for large-scale businesses, a starting price of just $499 is pretty reasonable, especially with all the tools and features included in this price model.

How to get the most out of Jasper AI’s pricing plan

Jasper.ai’s pricing plan offers users a great way to save money and access Jasper’s powerful AI writing tool. With Jasper’s annual subscription plans, users can get up to 17% off the regular price of Jasper’s services, resulting in up to 2 months’ worth of free access.

To maximize your savings with Jasper, it is important to understand their different subscription plans and their benefits. Making use of Jasper’s yearly subscription plans offers huge savings over purchasing each service monthly.

For example, if you were to purchase both Boss Mode plan individually on a month-to-month basis you would pay $600 a year for the option to write up to 700k words compared to just $500 if you purchased them annually (a 17% saving).

You can also take advantage of Jasper’s free trial period before committing to a plan so that you can make sure that Jasper meets all your needs before investing in it.

How to get the two-month free access to Jasper AI?

Step 1: Go to Jasper AI’s official page, and go to the Jasper pricing page.

Step 2: Ensure that you toggle to the Annually billing option to access the 2-month free access to Jasper.

Step 3: Once toggled, go to Try Free for the Boss mode to access their Free 5-day trial to use Jasper ai along with 10,000 credits and all the tools and Jasper commands to easily write SEO and plagiarism-free content.

Step 4: Create your account using your email. Verify your account using the code, and start using Jasper.ai for free!

What are the Pros and Cons of using the Jasper AI copywriting tool?

Jasper ai is an amazing AI writing tool that can help make the writing process faster and more efficient. With the amazing Jasper pricing plans presented, users can save up to 17% if they purchase one of their plans annually, making it worth up to 2 months of free access.

And while Jasper ai is certainly beneficial for many people, there are still some pros and cons that should be taken into consideration when deciding whether or not Jasper ai is right for you. In this section of the article, we will explore both the advantages and disadvantages of using Jasper ai.

Advantages of using Jasper AI

Jasper can cover almost any type of content quickly

Jasper is a powerful artificial intelligence system that can quickly cover almost any type of content. With Jasper, you don’t have to worry about spending time on intensive research or writing articles yourself; it will do the work for you.

Jasper can integrate factual data provided by the user to create highly accurate, authoritative articles. Jasper’s advanced AI technology can quickly process and analyze large amounts of data, making it easy to produce informative and well-researched articles.

Jasper will take in the user’s data, make use of its powerful deep learning algorithms to break down the components of the information and then construct an article using its natural language processing (NLP) systems.

Jasper’s AI capabilities are further enhanced with machine learning, which allows it to quickly adapt to new topics and continuously improve its understanding of content. This combination enables Jasper to create incredibly accurate pieces of content that have high semantic richness. Jasper will analyze a range of topics from investment strategies and cryptocurrency trading tips to caring for pets or home improvement projects with equal expertise – meaning you get consistent high-quality outputs no matter what your project is about.

Flexibility with its powerful AI engine

Jasper’s powerful AI engine offers amazing flexibility for its users. Jasper’s powerful AI is undoubtedly its best feature and what sets this writing tool apart from all the others in the market. Jasper works not only as a content generator but also as a personal AI assistant in many ways. Jasper’s AI engine can understand natural language, allowing users to generate content quickly with minimal effort.

The AI engine can be used to create blog posts, and even presentations with just a few simple Jasper commands. In addition to this, Jasper’s powerful AI engine offers amazing flexibility when it comes to asking it questions like “Show me Jasper.ai pricing” or “What is the average cost of an iPhone X?” With its advanced AI and command feature, Jasper is an ideal tool for quickly generating content with minimal effort.

Jasper’s powerful AI is also capable of performing more complex tasks like creating long-form informative articles or digitalizing handwritten notes. Furthermore, Jasper’s powerful AI can be used as a personal assistant to help users stay organized, make smarter decisions faster, and save time on tedious tasks like research or data analysis. This makes Jasper’s powerful AI one of the most versatile tools available today for those looking to create high-quality content without spending too much time or money.

With all these features combined, Jasper is uniquely suited for both experienced writers and beginners alike who are looking for a reliable tool that can do all their writing needs quickly and efficiently. Jasper’s powerful AI engine sets it apart from other writing tools on the market by offering users unparalleled flexibility and convenience when it comes to generating high-quality content in no time at all.


You can write a variety of content using Jasper ai, such as create blog posts, articles, product descriptions, captions, eye-catching headlines, SEO articles, writing meta descriptions, and many more.

Jasper ai also has a range of features to help writers create high-quality content quickly and easily. These features include the Paragraph Generator, Content Improver, Blog Topic Idea Generator, and Blog Post Outline Generator, allowing you to not get stuck with producing content due to writer’s block.

Jasper ai also has the option to tailor Jasper’s writing style to suit your needs. It can be professional, casual, informative, engaging, or any other tone you need. Additionally, Jasper.ai has various plans available for different price points.

The most expensive plan allows Jasper to adapt to your very own personal writing style! Jasper is also able to write captivating can use Jasper to write captions, eye-catching headlines, SEO articles, writing prompts, and more. With Jasper’s versatile range of features, you can easily create high-quality content in no time. So why not try Jasper.ai today? You’ll be happy you did!

Content information is fairly accurate

Jasper.ai has revolutionized the process of writing informative long form content. With the help of natural language processing (NLP) and deep learning technologies, Jasper is capable of producing content that is both accurate and rich in semantics. By leveraging large datasets, Jasper can quickly generate articles that are backed by data-driven insights. This ensures that most of the Jasper-generated content is as up-to-date, relevant, and useful as possible.

Jasper AI’s powerful engine can scrape data from the internet to integrate it into articles to back up statements Jasper is making. Jasper AI’s precision and accuracy make it one of the most trusted sources for data research and integration. Its ability to quickly and accurately scan the web for relevant facts, figures, images,

Writing tool integration

Jasper.ai helps businesses create SEO articles quickly and effortlessly. By integrating Jasper AI with SurferSEO, businesses can rank higher on Google’s search page through the use of Jasper’s cutting-edge AI technology. As Jasper continually develops its artificial intelligence system, the platform can create premium quality content in the shortest amount of time.

In addition to Jasper’s pricing model, the platform also comes integrated with Grammarly, one of the world’s most comprehensive grammar and spelling checkers. This integration allows Jasper users to guarantee that their content is free from any errors in spelling or grammar before they publish it. Considered by many as an essential tool for writers, Grammarly’s ability to catch mistakes quickly (sometimes within milliseconds) allows Jasper users to craft well-written articles without worrying about potential mistakes going unnoticed until after publication.

Jasper.ai is also a comprehensive AI-powered content solution that not only offers high-quality, original content but also ensures it remains 100% unique through its integration with Copyscape. Jasper.ai’s combination of AI-driven writing and plagiarism detection technology helps to make sure all content generated is both accurate and high quality without any risk.

Disadvantages of using Jasper AI

You need to check some data provided

Jasper AI does not always produce up-to-date data. This can cause a variety of problems, such as inaccurate information or errors in the results. If you are planning to use Jasper to write content for your website, you should do the research yourself and add the data to the Jasper commands when you are starting your writing process.

Jasper AI will sometimes write incorrect data when you are writing long-form informative articles and will tend to just copy what he mentioned in previous paragraphs, so make sure that you fact-check all the data and information that Jasper integrates into the article.

Overly technical articles can be quite problematic

Writing overly technical articles can be a big problem. This is especially true when it comes to writing complete tutorials for computer problems and specific coding fixes. These types of articles require a great deal of detail to accurately communicate the message they are trying to convey. Furthermore, they must be written in such a way as to ensure that the reader has as much understanding as possible of the material.

For example, if an article is to be written about how to fix a bug in a certain programming language, it should provide step-by-step instructions on how to do so. It should also include more detailed explanations of what each step does and why it needs to be done. Furthermore, any potential new concepts or pieces of code should also be explained thoroughly and with enough detail that even those who are unfamiliar with the language can understand them.

Ultimately, overly technical articles can pose challenges for AI writers due to their high levels of detail and complexity needed for readers to fully understand the information being presented.

Junk content

Jasper.ai, a powerful artificial intelligence tool, is often praised for its talented ability to generate high-quality content quickly and efficiently. However, the technology isn’t flawless and Jasper AI can sometimes malfunction and produce irrelevant junk content that uses up words, resulting in an expensive price tag.

One example of Jasper AI running up words and costing users more money would be if a piece of text about basketball was filled with irrelevant jargon and terminology. This means that Jasper AI would write almost double the number of words than necessary for the assignment, significantly increasing the cost for the user.

In addition to producing too many words, Jasper AI’s faulty creations also lack semantic richness. For example, it may produce sentences that lack clarity. Furthermore, its articles may use generic terms or phrases instead of meaningful descriptions or explanations due to Jasper AI’s limited understanding of the context in which content should be written.

Repetitive content

Repetitive content is one of Jasper AI’s most common problems, especially when it comes to long-form content. For example, Jasper AI may create a top 10 list or product review that contains the same information repeated over and over. This can be incredibly frustrating for people who need accurate and insightful information without the same points being made multiple times.

To counteract this issue, Jasper AI has implemented innovative strategies to reduce repetition. These strategies include increased semantic richness, which means using language with greater complexity and accuracy, as well as more facts and details to support arguments.

Additionally, Jasper AI can generate longer pieces of content than usual; by incorporating more facts and details, Jasper AI provides readers with an in-depth look at blog post topic ideas that are not typically seen in shorter pieces of content.



Jasper.ai is a powerful tool that has the potential to greatly improve your business efficiency and effectiveness.

With its comprehensive pricing models, you can select one that fits both your budget constraints and desired features. Whether it’s their Boss Mode or Business Plan, Jasper.AI provides an array of useful benefits such as automation capabilities, customer service analytics, marketing insights, and more – all at competitive prices! Making Jasper AI worth every dollar you invest in it.

Furthermore, they offer free trials for most plans so you can test out the product before making any commitments. We hope this informative Jasper AI review has helped you become more knowledgeable on Jasper and it’s features.

So why wait? Unlock the power of Jasper AI today by exploring their different pricing options now!

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